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My teeth are discolouring – how do I whiten them again?

Teeth naturally get discoloured over time – however not many are aware of the 2 main types and how they come about. We are always taught preventatives but it often becomes hard to consciously make the effort sometimes – and we all have off days. Teeth can be whitened again safely and even in the comfort of your own home, but first you need to determine what’s caused them to discolour so much in the first place.

Extrinsic discolouration:

Foods, drinks & smoking habits contribute in this category to staining your teeth. Coffee, tea, red wine, food with dyes and other forms of tobacco can also pay a contribution too. These stains affect the outside of your teeth.

This can be promoted as being treated with whitening toothpastes which help to target the teeth’s outside stains.

Intrinsic discolouration:

Intrinsic discolouration is within the tooth and often occurs from previous medication use, childhood illness, infection, aging or more commonly – tooth trauma. This more often needs to be professionally bleached to get the same level or even better results of teeth whiteness.

During your hygiene appointments and check-ups, your dental practitioner will always recommend ways of minimising contact between sugary and discolouration factors with your teeth to help protect the shine and brightness of your pearly whites. This can include things like drinking sugary drinks through straws, cut down on how much sugar intake you consume on a daily basis, brush twice a day and use dental floss to remove any food particles which may be left in between teeth and try to avoid drinking too much tea and coffee.

Teeth whitening on a professional level should be based on which time of staining you have and this should always be discussed with your dental practitioner if this is something you are considering.

At Best Health Clinics we have 2 options of teeth whitening courses designed specifically to suit you and your teeth. Starting from £249, teeth whitening at home has never been more achievable using Polanight home teeth whitening kits including a pre-treatment consultation and care kit. Our alternative, including in-chair whitening uses Enlighten and starts from £497 for your consultation, in-chair whitening and home whitening kit with care kit instructions.

To find our more information on our Enlighten or Polanight teeth whitening kits feel free to read our Enlighten blog, visit the Enlighten and Polanight website or call 01708 477577 to book in for a consultation.

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