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10 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss

It is normal for most people to shed hair but losing excessive amount of hair can be a big concern. In the UK 39.2% of men and 20% of women experience hair loss. Hair loss can start with just a few hairs falling out or when you comb. This can be quite distressing, but there is not need to worry as there we have a few simple steps to help you.

Reasons for losing hair include:

1. Age

2. Stress

3. Iron deficiency

4. Pregnancy

5. Family history (hereditary) – especially when you are ageing.

6. Hormonal changes eg the menopause

7. Certain treatments used

8. Medical conditions such as alopecia

9. Poor diet

10. Women’s birth control

Did you know?

We can lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day, without even realising it.

5 steps to avoid hair loss if possible:

1. Invest in vitamins recommended by a doctor or health expert.

2. Maintain a good hair and scalp care and ensure you find a routine best suited to you.

3. Improving your diet and eating the right foods can encourage hair growth – such as eggs, berries, nuts, sweet potatoes etc.

4. Avoid using high heat styling tools and avoid doing hair styles that pull on your hair.

5. Quit smoking as it can damage your hair cells, making your hair follicles weak and easy to damage.

6. Check your thyroid and vitamin D levels to ensure this is not causing hair loss.

7. Book and appointment with out hair loss specialists who can discuss your concerns, check your scalp, monitor your hair loss and make recommendations to slow down hair loss and promote hair growth.

Hair Consultations at Best Health Clinics

We have various hair loss treatments available at Best Health Clinics and can also offer consultation on request. We offer Hair loss medications, shampoo's, PRP and hair transplant. We can also offer private blood tests to ensure there is not other cause for you hair loss

If you are worried and would like to see our hair loss doctor or specialists or if you have any other enquiries regarding our services please give us a call on 01708477577 or email us at


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