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Life cycle of a hair follicle

There are four stages in a life cycle of a hair follicle and continue through life:

  1. Anagen- growing phase

This is the longest phase, lasting around 3-7 years and the hair is actively growing.

The majority of hair on your scalp are in this phase. Around 90% of hair are in this stage at any one time.

  1. Catagen- Transition phase

This is the next phase the hair enters and lasts around10 days. The hair follicle shrinks and hair growth slows.

Around 5% of hair are in this stage at any one time.

  1. Telogen- resting phase

This lasts around two to three months and the hair stops growing, but does not fall out. Around 10-15% of hair are in this stage at any one time.

  1. Exogen- Shedding phase

This is the last stage of the telogen stage and the hair is shed. This is often more noticeable on washing or brushing your hair. This can last 2-5 months but in the meantime new hair start to grow in the follicle.

Around 10-15% of hair are in this stage at any one time. Losing 50-100 days per day during this phase is normal.

You can promote healthy hair growth by having a healthy life style, reduce stress, balanced diet and good hair care.

Treatment of hair loss

We are specialists in treating hair loss for men and women.

We have a range of options available which includes hair transplant (FUE and FUT), platelet rich plasma (PRP), Micro scalp Pigmentation, Hair serums, tricological products, finasteride, vitamins and shampoo’s.

Here at BH hair we have a team of tricologists who have developed a unique brand of Follicle Prescription Vitamin capsules to provide all the nutrients for hair growth including biotin, selenium, zinc, iron, kelp and MSM, and a range of mild SLS free shampoos to stimulate the hair bulb.

For a free consultation call us on 10708 477 577 or email us at

For more information please visit

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