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Young Asian woman smiling showing bright white teeth

Teeth whitening is the easiest and very effective way to enhance your looks, with most people saying that after the treatment, they feel years younger and more confident!


You can easily erase the effects of ageing, red wine, tea, coffee and smoking in a safe and simple way.


We have completed teeth whitening for some of our patients from as far as London, Chelmsford, Kent, Brentwood, Romford, Hornchurch, Emerson Park, Ilford and Chigwell!

Choose between the three whitening systems below

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POLA Advanced tooth whitening system logo

Polanight Whitening System

2 weeks at home treatment in custom made whitening trays.

Picture perfect smile in one stage only!


Enlighten Whitening System

  • 3 weeks at home treatment in custom made whitening trays

  • More whiter, brighter results

The Enlighten System comes complete with desensitising tooth serum, stain removal whitening renewal toothpaste, desensitising swabs and whitening gels

Get fabulous, whiter results with the Enlighten Whitening System


Woman smiling with bright white teeth looking off camera, for Enlighten
Enlighten Teeth Whitening System
Philips Zoom whitening logo with smiling woman's face with bright white teeth
Express Whitening
  • 1 hour in surgery whitening visit*

  • Ideal if you are in a hurry


* The full appointment from start to finish will take 90 minutes

Accreditations for Enlighten

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Before & After

Example 1 Teeth whitening Before
Example 1 Teeth whitening After



Example 2 Teeth whitening Before
Example 2 Teeth whitening After



Example 3 Teeth whitening Before
Example 3 Teeth whitening After



Example 4 Teeth whitening Before
Example 4 Teeth whitening After




"I love my new smile, my teeth have never been whiter"

Miss KC 

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