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Root canal treatment (Endodontics) is required when the nerves inside your tooth become inflamed or infected, through tooth decay or damage by an injury to your mouth. You are likely to have pain which sometimes can be unbearable, and you may require pain killers.

If you do have a dental infection, this may spread through the root canal of your tooth, leading to an abscess which may be a swelling on your gum or the side of your face.

Our skilled dentists at Best Health Clinics are trained in endodontics (root canal treatment) and use specialist equipment to effectively treat your teeth
What is the process?

Normally your will require one to two appointments and the dentists will guide you through the root canal treatment procedure, explaining at the start, what the procedure involves and the after care.

Root canal illustrations, from left to right. Hole in the tooth, tooth is opened by doctor's tools, inflamed nerves are cleaned out

The infected and inflamed nerves in your tooth are cleaned out under local anesthesia by the dentist.

Root canal illustrations example, left to right. Roots are filled in, tooth get filling - crowns or onlays, tooth is restored

The dentist will then fill the roots and place a filling over your tooth. In some cases, crowns or onlays are required to restore the tooth with the finished root canal treatment, especially if your tooth is weak.

Unfortunately, if root canal treatment is not carried out, the tooth may need to be removed.
In that case, you may opt for dental bridges, dental implants or dentures.

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Patient Testimonials

"Thank you to everyone for making my Invisalign journey a success from start to finish. Ayesha has been patient, friendly & taken the time to make sure I was comfortable throughout."

Miss RD

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