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How Quitting Smoking Helps More Than Just Your Lungs

So we all know of the immediate damages – lung/skin & mouth cancer, dull and dreary looking eyes, reduced athletic performance as well as other areas, but what about the other cosmetic changes that come with giving up the ‘fresh air’?

Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen and nutrients so while some smokers appear pale, others develop an uneven skin colouring which can begin at a young age. Quitting and resisting the urges instantly help your skin to absorb vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It needs to bring a sense of spring back into your skin!

Less wrinkles and wobbles – there are more than 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, many of which destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin, the fibres which give your skin its strength. Consequences you ask? Sagging skin and deeper wrinkles around your body including inner arms making you more likely to look towards anti-wrinkle and filler treatments. But the increase of lines doesn’t stop there – you forgot the ones around your lips! Acting as a double whammy, whilst you gain a smokers pucker, you also lose elasticity around your lips causing deeper wrinkle lines around your mouth.

We already knew it would damage our lungs, but we all seem to forget about the teeth and gums in it all! Yellow teeth (although can be reversed with teeth whitening) are the renowned trademark stains of a smoker, but what about the increased risk of developing gum disease, persistent bad breath and other oral hygiene problems? Smokers are more likely to need more regular dental check-ups as a higher priority status than the average healthy-gummed individual.

We know age loss is one of nature’s unfortunate things, but wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent it further by cutting out smoking? Research studies show smoking can actually accelerate the process of hair loss in men and women – that’ll be another reason to consider looking at our hair transplant treatment processes then.

As much as we all develop eye wrinkles (more technically known as crow’s feet), these actually go a lot deeper for those who smoke. Heat from burning cigarettes and squinting as you attempt to keep the smoke out of your eyes play a huge contributing factor to having more visible crow’s feet. As they damage the structure and blood vessels around your eyes, it may end up becoming the time you consider anti-wrinkle injections.

Smoking as we all know can be one of the most difficult processes to give up, particularly for the veterans, however we at Best Health Clinics are committed to providing you with the highest levels of service so you truly can achieve your own best health. And with that in mind, our very own Dr Mahmood offers 1:1 coaching sessions targeting quitting smoking and other factors which may have contributed to the beginning of the end in the first place. Available in-clinic or over the phone/skype for ease and comfort, contact the clinic now on 01708 477 577 for a free consultation and other advice on how you can stop smoking this year.

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