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Our dentists are all GDC registered and comply fully with the continual professional development GDC standards required of them. 

At Best Health Clinics, most forms of gum treatment are available and sedation is also available to those who require it!


Dental & Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dental Care


​- White fillings

- Tooth coloured crowns and bridges

- Root canal treatment

- Emergency appointments and more

Cosmetic Dentistry

- Invisalign (Clear Braces)

- Composite bonding

- Teeth Whitening

- Veneers and inlays

- Cosmetic dentures

Oral Surgery

- Wisdom teeth removal

- Difficult teeth and root removal

Hygiene Services & Maintenance

- Advanced treatment for gum disease

- Routine implant maintenance

- Preventative care

- Oral health education & more

- Cosmetic dentures

- Teeth Whitening

Missing Teeth

- Bridgework to replace teeth

- Dental implants

- Dentures

Implant Dentistry


- Single and multi tooth replacement


- Dentures

- Bone grafting for implants

Root Canal Treatment

Skilled dentists are trained in endodontics and use specialist equipment to effectively root canal treat (root fill) a molar  or front tooth. For more information click here

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We want to make private healthcare as affordable and accessible as possible.

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Patient Testimonials

"Very good experience. This is the best dental practice I have ever used."


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