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5 Tips to Maintain your Smile on Holiday

Although the open bar and all-inclusive buffets look so amazing whilst abroad – with unlimited desserts being the best thing of them all, a whole year of looking after your teeth may almost go to waste within the 2 weeks of indulgence abroad! Our teeth are more sensitive than we think, so here are 5 tips to keep in mind on your travels to keep your smile sunshine-ready!

1) Water is your friend!

As well as being calorie friendly and easier to track the macros on, water can help to wash away plaque and build-up caused by sugary treats and everything we advise against! We know cocktails and energy drinks away are the greatest things ever, but if it’s too hard to avoid, perhaps consider a glass of water after each alcoholic or sugary drink to reduce the effects of sugar lingering around your teeth for too long!

2) Snack smart

Again, the bar peanuts and crisps are ace, but try to avoid the amount of added sugar you’re putting your teeth through! (We always find it’s easier to eat healthier abroad than it is at home!), but if we’re talking sugar intake – opt more towards fruits, vegetables and lighter calorie options.

3) Still keep up with the twice a day brushing

Going on holiday means the oral hygiene stops too! Still keep up with the twice-a-day brushing and if you can, floss too! These are just good practice habits and take up no more than 5 minutes of your time in total across a day.

4) Calcium is your best friend too!

Going abroad, it can be hard to pick something to eat particularly when in larger parties. However, choose calcium rich foods such as almonds, greens such as kale, okra and spinach and of course cheeses – these although may be higher in calories, they hold necessary fats for the body’s digestion and are more tooth-friendly against hard treats and dried fruits.

5) Still visit us at Best Health Clinics!

We may not be number 1 priority against holiday shopping and travel insurance, but if your dental check-up is due then be sure to have one done alongside a dental hygiene as soon as possible to help keep your teeth fresh and healthy. And don’t forget – we also offer same-day travel vaccinations too, just in case you needed another reason to say hi before your travels!

To book an appointment or receive further information on our services and availability – please call the clinic on 01708 477577 or pop in at 58 Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1XA.

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