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Your Guidelines For A Non-Surgical Consultation

Any form of consultation can be difficult, but when it comes to non-surgical ones, you want to make sure you’ve got everything you need before you start a procedure, and that the major factors like medical conditions, side effects and any other allergy information is covered.


Find out as much as you can about the clinic you’re going to be using, the options they have for your chosen treatment type and who will be performing the treatment for you. If they have a ‘team’ page – be sure to look into this and get to know the staff beforehand. Low prices and deals may sometimes be great and cost effective, but it may not always bring the results you really expected and may end up causing more damage than good!

Expectations & Questions:

Check out for testimonials, reviews and feedback left about the clinic left all over the internet – Google reviews, Facebook reviews, anything across the website and even in clinic if they have a review book – they all hold weight for being able to see the reviewer’s public profile to hold some credit. And never ever be afraid to ask questions – whether it’s about results, procedure processes or anything else that comes to mind. This is your time to find out everything you need to feel comfortable.


It’s important you feel comfortable talking to your clinician, so ask them and be honest about any questions, concerns or immediate worries you may have. This ensures you receive the best care and treatment for your condition and achieve the results you are after. Double check for the little details too like fees, timings of treatment, when to arrive and if there are any things you need to avoid pre and post treatment – these ones are often forgotten so it’s always best to make a mental or physical note of them! If you find it easier – ask for an appointment card or care leaflet if this is available by your practitioner.

Our team of doctors and practitioners are available to view online so you can find out a little more about them online prior to your initial consultation and over the phone advice is always available during clinic opening hours on 01708 477 577.

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