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Best Hand Washing Techniques

What is hand hygiene?

The hand hygiene technique is a routine that was put in place to help clean hands successfully to reduce any potential pathogens. At Best Health Clinics we use 12 simple steps that involve water and an antimicrobial soap followed by alcohol based hand rubs. This process can take up to 60 seconds.

Why should you use the hand hygiene technique?

A persons hands are known to be the quickest way that germs can spread though health care services such as medical centres, sexual health centres, dental practices etc. By using the hand hygiene techniques it can help prevent bacteria, germs and viruses from forming and spreading. Also by preventing germs this can prevent serious complications for young children or older people who have a low immune system.

Best Health Clinics 12 step hand washing technique that we use:

Hand washing and advice during the coronavirus outbreak

The government has recommended us to focus on the importance of hand washing more often. Especially when:

· When you get to work or get home from work.

· After you blow your nose, cough or sneeze.

· Before and after you eat or handle food.

· After using public transport.

You should wash your hands for 20 seconds (you can sing Happy Birthday twice) using hand-wash, water and hand sanitiser using the advice attached above. Before coughing or sneezing, ensure you do it into a tissue and bin it as soon as possible.



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