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Our New Rooms Are Now Available To Rent!

Why Rent Our Rooms?

Our rooms have had a brand new refurbishment and are available immediately for rental. We have new modern contemporary furniture with bright and airy rooms. The rooms can be rented on a regular basis or as needed. We are very flexible with bookings and our rooms are available for clinical and non-clinical use, for example therapists. Clinical waste, couch, comfortable seating and sharps bins are also available.

What Can The Rooms Be Rented Out For?

Our rooms can be rented out for a variety of services such as:

· Therapy

· Counsellor

· GP

· Dermatology

· Radiologist

· Cosmetic

· Physiotherapy

What Are The Prices?

Our prices can become negotiable depending on the number of sessions needed and if a GP room was needed (please note there are additional charges for clinical waste and sharps boxes).

Non clinical rooms:

· £15 per hour.

· £50 for 4 hours (half day)

· £100 for 8 hours (whole day)

Clinical rooms:

· £20 per hour.

· £70 for 4 hours (half day)

· £140 for 8 hours (whole day)

Room Rental Process:

To view one of our rooms or to discuss any room hire information please contact our reception on 01708477577 where you can find out all your missed questions. Initially once the room viewing has been arranged we can start with the process of booking a room; this will give us a chance to discuss any questions that may need to be answered. If the room viewing goes successful and you would like to book we would then need to see the following documents:

1. Proof of address

2. Proof of ID (Photo ID)

3. Indemnity certificate

4. Qualifications

Once this has been done, we can look forward into booking you in, initial payment will need to be taken to secure the booking time.


Unfortunately we cannot offer parking on our premises between our working hours, however if you are using the room out of our working hours; please feel free to use the drive. There is a pay and display car park one minutes walk away and parking is available near the high street.

For any more information or to view the rooms, please call us on 01708477577 or email us on

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