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We are very excited to have our new Airflow polisher here at Best Health Clinics, Hornchurch, Essex. It is very effective and powerful jet of water, air and powder, which polishes all the surfaces of the teeth, removing any stains from cigarettes, red wine, food colouring, teas and coffees. It will brighten your smile, but won’t make the teeth whiter, for that you will need Tooth whitening. The airflow polishing cannot be done by itself, first you will need cleaning of the teeth - scale and polish or deeper cleaning –dental hygiene, by our dental hygienist or dentist. You will have instant results, leaving your teeth smooth, clean and brighter looking.

Our prices are very reasonable:

Scale and polish is £29

Dental hygiene 30min is £51 or 1 hour for £98

Airflow polisher as an add on is only £39

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