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Are you brushing your teeth first before flossing?

According to the Oral Health Organisation we should first floss before brushing, as a new research has shown that cleaning in between the teeth before brushing is the most effective way to clean our teeth. Using floss first or inter-dental brushes loosens the bacteria and food debris from between teeth which makes it easier to brush off more plaque also more fluoride is likely to remain on the teeth which makes teeth stronger.

Poor oral health is linked to number of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even erectile dysfunction.

So maintaining a good oral health is very important, but equally as important is to have good and balanced diet, low in sugar, and of course regular visits to the dentist. The Dentist or Hygienist at Best Health Clinic in Hornchurch Essex will be able to provide you with further advice and recommend the right size TePe brushes for you.

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