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Why Is It So Important to have Regular Hygiene's?

Regular hygiene's are important to because it helps control the bacteria in the mouth which if left untreated can be responsible for bad breath and other serious health issues such as gum disease. It is recommended 3-6 months to ensure gums and teeth are retained healthy.

What is gum disease?

Did you know that more than 45% of all adults and 60% of over 65 year old's have gum disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal treatment is inflammation of the gums which is caused by the bacteria on the gum line. It starts off as gingivitis, which is reversible and if not treated can lead to periodontal disease which is irreversible. Gum disease, if not treated can lead to gum recession, loose teeth and loss of teeth as well as serious health issues such as Alzheimer's, Periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease, pneumonia and diabetes.

Problems are often caused when bacteria has built up to form plaque around the base of the teeth. It is caused by poor brushing techniques, poor dental hygiene in hard to reach areas - the body then responds with inflammation. Gum disease can be prevented and treated with good oral hygiene, brushing twice a day, using inter dental brushes and regular dental hygiene appointments. The hygienist can advise you on how to maintain and improve your oral health during the appointment.

The hygiene’s we offer at Best Health Clinics:

Classic hygiene -£56

Our classic hygiene is a 30 minute clean with our ultrasonic scaler; this is the most requested clean as it helps maintain your healthy teeth and gums in a short amount of time. This is recommended every 3-6 months and is very helpful if you are looking for a general clean of your gums and teeth.

Deep clean – £110

Our hygiene - deep clean is to give you a deeper

Clean and remove some staining in an one hour appointment, this hygiene is ideal if you have not been for a teeth cleaning in a while or may have any gum problems. If you are required to have periodontal treatment the cost would be £140 for an one hour appointment and this would be considered if you suffer from gum disease. You would have deeper cleaning under the gums as well as special measurements of your gums so we can monitor treatment.

Do your children need hygiene too?

We offer the child sparkle clean (£45) which is a gentle clean and scale and polish followed by brushing tips and advice if needed.


Airflow polish (£39):

Airflow polish is an important add on to chose if your main goal is to remove any staining without damaging your teeth. Airflow is a combination of polishing powder and air within a water jet to gently clean the surface of the teeth and in between each tooth. Airflow is used to remove stubborn stains and discolouration that may have been caused by foods, beverages such as tea, coffee or red wine and smoking.

For best results, hygiene and airflow treatment combined must be combined as the hygiene is for the removed of tartar from your teeth finished by the air flow to remove the stains.

For any information on our services or to book an appointment please give us a call on 01708477577 or email us at


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