COVID-19 tests
Hornchurch, Essex

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory tract infection caused by a new coronavirus – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) - which was first recognised in China in December 2019.


Here at Best Health Clinics we can carry out two types of COVID 19 Tests. Both tests are sent to a  London based laboratory (UKAS registered) and are approved by Public Health England.


COVID-19 RT-PCR test for flying & international travel, day 2, 8 and test to release (day 5)
COVID-19 Day 2 Antigen test

COVID-19 antibody test

COVID-19 PCR test for fit to fly certificate for international travel

This is if you require a COVID-19 test to see if you are infected with the virus or not.

Often required for flying abroad and includes a certificate to prove negative results.

Day 2 or day 2 and  8 tests are required were returning from non- red listed countries and depends on your vaccination status. 

Also required for early release when returning from a non red country and you are unvaccinated country and is taken on day 5. A negative results means you can stop isolating .


We have two packages:

  • Results guaranteed within 24 hours

  • Results within 24-48 hours

Day 2 antigen test

Same day results 

COVID-19 antibody test

This test is to show if you have previously had COVID-19 or your response to the COVID-19 vaccine and detects antibodies in your blood. It is not suitable for flying.


We have two packages:

  • Qualitative result  (antibodies detected/not detected)

  • Quantitative results which also gives the level of antibodies detected (suitable for post infection or COVID 19 vaccination)

Fitness to Travel Certificate
(fit to fly)



Results guaranteed within 24 hours:   £140  (by 9am the next day)

Results with 24-48 hours:                      £100

A number on countries and airlines now require passengers to prove evidence of a recent COVID-19 negative result prior to flying, with a certificate. At BHC we can provide COVID-19 RT- PCR tests via nasopharyngeal and throat swabs and results are given either within 24 or 48 hours. The test has a sensitivity of 98% and specificity of 100%. This test is very accurate at detecting SARS-CoV-2 and is currently accepted as border entry in all countries. Ideally the test should be taken three to five days before departure of the flight, but you should check the requirements of each individual airline. The test should be taken at the earliest time frame possible as results can get occasionally delayed and we cannot take responsibility for any travel disruption as a result of delayed results.


All results will include a copy of the lab report and COVID 19 negative fit to fly certificate for international travel signed by our clinical team.

Please note:

Please bring your passport to the appointment as proof of ID and passport number. The timing of receiving your results can vary between 24-48 hours depending on which time frame you choose. For the 24-48 hour results generally the majority of results come back within 48 hours however capacity at the lab and sample re-runs can mean the results may take slightly longer. We are not liable for any other costs should your results be delayed. 

Day 2 and 8 Tests



Day 2 lateral flow (antigen) test



Day 2 lateral flow (antigen) test for  non- red
list countries (if fully vaccinated)                                          

Day 2 and 8 test for non-red list countries              £200
( if not vaccinated)                      

£30 (onsite supervised)

£32 (postal kit)

Countries have been listed as non- red and red red COVID-19 and have different set of rules depending on your vaccination status. For more information on the rules and the which list each county is on please visit: 


Travelling from a non- red list country

If fully vaccinated (2 doses of an approved vaccine at least 14 days ago) or under 18 years of age: If you have only been through a country not on the red list in the last 10 days then you will only need to do a day 2 lateral flow (antigen) test. This will need to be booked before you travel and we will give you a booking reference number to use on your passenger locator form. The test can be done on or before day 2 (day 0 is the day you arrive). You do not need to quarantine.


If you are not fully vaccinated: If you have only been through a county not on the red list in the last 10 days then you will only need to do a pre-departure test and day 2 and 8 test. This will need to be booked before you travel and we will give you a booking reference number to use on your passenger locator form. The test can be done on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 (day 0 is the day you arrive). You will need to quarantine and can do an additional day 5 test if you wish to end you quarantine earlier.


The kits can be collected from our clinics before you travel and once you have taken the test you can post them back to the lab in the prepaid envelope supplied.

Travelling from a red list country

There are different rues for red list countries  please visit the site for more information:


Please note these tests are only for use in England and are non-refundable once purchased. 


Day 5 Test To Release

Results guaranteed within 24 hours:   £140 (by 9am the next day)

Results with 24-48 hours:                      £100

Day 5 test to release is a government initiative where you can reduce your quarantine period from 10 days to five days on receiving a negative covid PCR test result after arrival from an amber list country.  The test is taken on day 5 after arrival into the UK alongside the mandatory day 2 and 8 tests. This is a voluntary test and cannot be taken if you have come from or transited through a red country in the last 10 days.


Simply book your private covid PCR test with Best Health Clinics to reduce your quarantine period. Your test must be booked five full days after arriving in the UK, if you arrive on Monday, Tuesday will be your first full day so the fifth day will be Saturday when you can take the test. You need to quarantine until you receive your test result.


You will need to a book test before you travel to the UK and you will be given a unique reference number to put on your passenger locator form. This test is suitable for adults and children but cannot be taken if you have received a positive day 2 test result. You are permitted to travel to the test centre to have your test done or you can do it at home.

If you test negative

If your day 5 test result is negative (and the result of your day 2 test was negative or inconclusive) you can stop quarantine as soon as you receive the result.

You still need to take the compulsory test on or after day 8.

If you test positive for COVID-19

If the test is positive you need to quarantine for another 10 days from the day after you took the test, or from when you first had symptoms if that is earlier.

You do not need to take the coronavirus test on or after day 8.

If your test is inconclusive

If the result from your test is inconclusive you must continue to quarantine. You can choose to take another private Day 5 test to find out if you can stop quarantine early




COVID-19 antibody test



Qualitative IgG/M:


This test tells you if antibodies have been detected and if you have been infected in the past. 

  • Home kit via finger prick      £65

  • In clinic via blood test          £100

Quantitative IgG/M: 


This tests tells you if antibodies have been detected after an infection or COVID vaccination and gives a value to your antibody response.

  • Home kit via finger prick      £85

  • In clinic via blood test)         £120

COVID-19 antibody test can detect if you have had an infection in the past or if you have produced antibodies in response to the COVID-19 vaccine. It should be performed 14 days or more following exposure or onset of symptoms or vaccination You must ensure all your symptoms have cleared up before you book the test.


With the home test a pack can be collected  from the clinic or  it can be posted. Full instructions  are included for you to be able to take a sample via a finger prick and a pre- paid envelope is supplied for you to post the sample  to the lab or you can return it to the clinic for our courtiers to collect. 


The blood test undertaken at our clinic and a sample is sent to the lab in London.


The results are available in one to two days time (please note if you are posting the sample the turnaround time will be delayed by another day). The test is approved by Public Health England and is very accurate.


What does the COVID-19 antibody result mean?

A positive result  means you have had COVID-19 in the past, although we cannot tell when. As this is a new virus it is not known if a positive results means you have immunity and you will be protected fully or partially from future infection, or how long the immunity will last. If you choose the quantitative test it will also tell you the level of your antibodies after infection or vaccination.


If you have a negative result this could mean you have not had the infection, had a mild infection or your body had not produced antibodies at the time of testing.


Who can have this test?

This test is suitable for anyone who want to find out if they could have been infected with the virus, either because they had symptoms or they are worried they may have had an asymptomatic infection. It can be used post COVID vaccination to see if you have produced a good antibody response to the vaccine.It can also be used by employers looking to bring their staff back to work and they want to see who has had the COVID-19 already.


How do I book the COVID-19 antibody blood test?

Please call reception on 01708 477 577 to book and appointment or to order a home kit or email us on


Frequently asked questions :

What does the PCR swab involve?

The swab testing involves using a long swab to take a sample from the nose and throat. This sample is then sent to the lab to see any SARS-CoV-2 can be detected. The PCR test looks for the virus’s RNA and is very accurate.

How is the swab taken?

The swab is taken by one of our clinical team at Best Health Clinics, however you can purchase a swab to take by your self at home. In this case you will be provided with a kit, including a pre-paid postage envelope. Please note, with this method the turnaround time increase as the sample takes longer to reach the lab.

How do I book a test?

Please call reception on 01708 477 577 or email to book an appointment. Please bring photo-proof of ID along to your appointment to validate your certificate.

How soon should I be tested?

This depends on your airline and country of travel. We would recommend have the test done three to five days before departure. The turnaround time for the results is usually 72 hours (longer if you self-swab and post the sample), so please leave yourself plenty of time as occasionally results can get delayed. It is your responsibility to ensure you leave enough time to get tested and for the results to return.

How will I receive my results?

You will receive your results and COVID-19 negative certificate (fitness to fly) by email to provide the fastest possible turnaround times. The certificate is on our clinics letter headed paper. If your require a paper or stamped copy this can be arranged at no extra cost, but please note it may increase the turn-around time. or The lab is open seven days a week so turn-around times also include the weekend.

Does the price include a certificate?

A certificate as well as the copy of the lab results will be emailed to you. If you would like your passport number or additional information on the certificate please let us know in advance.

What if I develop symptoms of COVID-19 after a negative result?

As with all viral PCR tests, passengers with very low viral loads are less likely to be detected. A 'Not detected' results do not mean you are not infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 after negative result, you should self- isolate as per the current NHS advice and have a new test performed 24-48 hours later. Airlines have the right to refuse travel to anyone they believe is not fit to fly so if staff suspect you have symptoms such as a fever or new persistent cough you may not be allowed to fly.

Can I travel to a coronavirus test centre?

Yes, you are permitted to travel to a Covid-19 testing facility as part of Test to Release if you live in England and it is 5 or more days since you left a amber county.

Can I go on public transport to travel to a Covid test centre?

You are advised not to use public transport to go to a Covid-19 test centre, however, it is not illegal to do so.

Do I still need to self-isolate whilst I wait 5 days?

Yes, if you have returned from a amber county, you must self-isolate until you have received a negative test result or ten days have passed. You can only take a Covid-19 test 5 days or more after you arrive in England and you have not received a positive day 2 test.

Do I still need to self-isolate whilst waiting for my test result?

Yes, you must continue to self-isolate until you have received a negative test result. Results are available form 24-48 hours.

Who can take part in test to release?

Adults and children arriving from an amber country can book a private day 5 test to release PCR test. You will still need to carry out the mandatory day 2 and 8 test. It is not needed if you travel form a green county and is not suitable if you have travelled from or transited through a red county in the last 10 days. For the up to date list of the green, amber and red countries please click here. (