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COVID-19 Antibody Test



Qualitative IgG/M:


This test tells you if antibodies have been detected and if you have been infected in the past. 

  • Home kit via finger prick      £65

  • In clinic via blood test          £100

Quantitative IgG/M: 


This tests tells you if antibodies have been detected after an infection or COVID vaccination and gives a value to your antibody response.

  • Home kit via finger prick      £85

  • In clinic via blood test)         £120

COVID-19 antibody test can detect if you have had an infection in the past or if you have produced antibodies in response to the COVID-19 vaccine. It should be performed 14 days or more following exposure or onset of symptoms or vaccination You must ensure all your symptoms have cleared up before you book the test.


With the home test a pack can be collected  from the clinic or  it can be posted. Full instructions  are included for you to be able to take a sample via a finger prick and a pre- paid envelope is supplied for you to post the sample  to the lab or you can return it to the clinic for our courtiers to collect. 


The blood test undertaken at our clinic and a sample is sent to the lab in London.


The results are available in one to two days time (please note if you are posting the sample the turnaround time will be delayed by another day). The test is approved by Public Health England and is very accurate.


What does the COVID-19 antibody result mean?

A positive result  means you have had COVID-19 in the past, although we cannot tell when. As this is a new virus it is not known if a positive results means you have immunity and you will be protected fully or partially from future infection, or how long the immunity will last. If you choose the quantitative test it will also tell you the level of your antibodies after infection or vaccination.


If you have a negative result this could mean you have not had the infection, had a mild infection or your body had not produced antibodies at the time of testing.


Who can have this test?

This test is suitable for anyone who want to find out if they could have been infected with the virus, either because they had symptoms or they are worried they may have had an asymptomatic infection. It can be used post COVID vaccination to see if you have produced a good antibody response to the vaccine.It can also be used by employers looking to bring their staff back to work and they want to see who has had the COVID-19 already.


How do I book the COVID-19 antibody blood test?

Please call reception on 01708 477 577 to book and appointment or to order a home kit or email us on

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