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We are very excited to have our new Airflow polisher here at Best Health Clinics, Hornchurch, Essex. It is very effective and powerful jet of water, air and powder, which polishes all the surfaces of the teeth, removing any stains from cigarettes, red wine, food colouring, teas and coffees. It will brighten your smile, but won’t make the teeth whiter, for that you will need Tooth whitening. The airflow polishing cannot be done by itself, first you will need cleaning of the teeth - scale and polish or deeper cleaning –dental hygiene, by our dental hygienist or dentist. You will have instant results, leaving your teeth smooth, clean and brighter looking. Our prices are very reasonable: Scale


Going on holiday? Have you packed all the essentials? It is a good idea to make a check list to make sure nothing important is forgotten. Here is a quick list of items you may want to take in your luggage. Remember any liquids greater than 100ml cannot go in your hand luggage and needs to go in your hold luggage Paracetamol Any medication you take regularly Sun cream After sun lotion or moisturiser Insect repellent ( DEET 50% for adults) Loparamide Oral Rehydration sachets-dioralyte Antihistamines Bite and sting relief cream or spray Small first aid kit Toothbrush and toothpaste Toiletries Face cream Antiseptic cream Plasters Passport Travel insurance documents Tickets Bank cards Mobile phon


Are you brushing your teeth first before flossing? According to the Oral Health Organisation we should first floss before brushing, as a new research has shown that cleaning in between the teeth before brushing is the most effective way to clean our teeth. Using floss first or inter-dental brushes loosens the bacteria and food debris from between teeth which makes it easier to brush off more plaque also more fluoride is likely to remain on the teeth which makes teeth stronger. Poor oral health is linked to number of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even erectile dysfunction. So maintaining a good oral health is very important, but equally as important is to have good and b

10 Other Reasons Why You’re Suffering With Hair Loss

Physical & Emotional Stress Hair loss can be triggered and accelerated by rapid weight loss, being ill, undergoing surgery or suffering from medical conditions such as having a low blood count or thyroid abnormalities (under/overactive) as well as emotional stress. It is important that a healthy diet and vitamin intake is maintained during times of stress. Once diagnosed and problem eliminated, hair regrowth usually occurs within a few months. Hair Product Chemicals Using anything on top of shampoo and conditioner that isn’t natural like oils gives you a higher chance of causing some copious amounts of damage to your hair due to the excess amounts of chemicals involved in one product. The am


Brushing the teeth is an important part of the daily routine. To have healthy mouth, brushing must be done twice a day for 2 minutes-once before bed and one other time during the day. SOME TIPS FOR YOU: - Choose a brush with small head and soft bristles. -Use fluoride toothpaste. -After brushing don’t rinse, only spit so the toothpaste can stay on your teeth and protect the teeth. -Regular replacement of the toothbrush is also important The technique most used to brush the teeth is called the Bass Brushing Technique. Place the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gum. Bristles should contact the gum and the tooth. Move the brush gently in small circular motion. Brush all surfaces of the teeth –


What is chicken pox? Chicken pox is an infectious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is very infectious. How is it transmitted? It spreads by an infected persons coughing and sneezing, close contact with open blisters and from a mother to an unborn child in pregnancy. The infectious period is 1-2 days before the rash appears and until all the blisters scab over. What are the signs and symptoms of chicken pox? The rash is a classic sign, it is very itchy and can affect face, chest, arms, legs and other body parts. Other symptoms might be feeling unwell, feeling sick, mild to severe fever, coughs and sore throat, loss of appetite. Complications are rare but can includes second

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