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Travel Vaccinations – Things To Consider

Travelling abroad is amazing, until you remember you may need vaccinations. So there are a few things to consider when hopping aboard your plane, including: The country or countries you are visiting - various diseases are more common in certain parts of the world and less in others, so it may mean multiple jabs Time of year you’re travelling – some diseases are more susceptible to being caught during different times of the year i.e: rainy/monsoon seasons Your accommodation – as a natural, you’ll be more at risk of disease if you are staying in more rural than urban areas or if you were backpacking vs staying in a package holiday resort. Holiday duration – the longer you stay, the greater the

Home Remedies to Help Ease Toothache

Toothache happens to everyone – whether it’s instant or that slow creep up, it’s certainly not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Often caused by decay, broken or loose fillings or even receding gums, it is vital that the rooting issue of your toothache is determined, meaning the emergency dental appointments we offer now come in handy. But what about if you’re abroad or you can’t make it to us ASAP? Below are a few home remedies to help ease a toothache until you can reach the practice. Cold compress – if a toothache is caused by swollen gums or an injury, holding a cold compress against your cheek on the affected side can offer temporary pain relief as it constricts blood vessels near

Health Benefits of Exercise & Physical Activity

Strengthen your bones & muscles Our bodies are designed and structured in such a way that we move with ease, to perform our daily routines without discomfort. Ageing naturally plays a big factor, but participating in regular physical activity helps to build and strengthen bone density and muscles. Now although we instantly think of the gym for this, other types of muscle strengthening exercises include callisthenics, yoga, Pilates and even step! Doing this can help to reduce the risk of falls and injuries as we age and slow down the rate of which our muscle mass break downs when we are older. Increases of bone density as scary as it sounds, also helps to prevent osteoporosis or the risk of i

5 Tips to Maintain your Smile on Holiday

Although the open bar and all-inclusive buffets look so amazing whilst abroad – with unlimited desserts being the best thing of them all, a whole year of looking after your teeth may almost go to waste within the 2 weeks of indulgence abroad! Our teeth are more sensitive than we think, so here are 5 tips to keep in mind on your travels to keep your smile sunshine-ready! 1) Water is your friend! As well as being calorie friendly and easier to track the macros on, water can help to wash away plaque and build-up caused by sugary treats and everything we advise against! We know cocktails and energy drinks away are the greatest things ever, but if it’s too hard to avoid, perhaps consider a glass

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