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Overcoming Dental Anxiety – Losing the Fear & the Phobia

Dental anxiety or fear prevents most children, teenagers and even adults from going to their regular check-ups. Although it feels embarrassing to talk about it, it affects most of the population and is common amongst individuals. Maybe it was a previous bad experience, or a vivid childhood experience or other reasons such as low self-esteem or you haven’t been keeping up with your regular checks. There are ways to help ease your way out of your phobia and begin to overcome your fears and phobias of the dentist – Find the right dentist for you - one that makes you feel comfortable, welcome and relaxed. Read the reviews, look at their websites and even call them, get a feel for the staff and t

Cheek Enhancement: Without Surgery

Cheek enhancement is a non-surgical treatment that is performed within Best Health Clinics using dermal fillers. These fillers contain hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance found in skin which acts as a cushioning agent, retaining and still attracting water for skin hydration. A temporary solution we admit, but it is more of an ongoing treatment with top-up sessions saving you from having surgical procedures, particularly if you’re looking for minimal recovery time with continued results. As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and gives us the ‘sunken’ look making us look more tired than we feel and not our best. This is due to collagen and elastin in the face breaking d

Sweet Tooth Addictions – Top Tips to Help Sugar Reduction in Our Diet

We all know sugar is bad for our teeth, which is why so many of our dental visits result in being sugar-related problems! However, the message that is too well known amongst us all – reduce the amount of sugar consumed in a diet and it will help to reduce the damage caused to our teeth, with a bonus of helping to keep away a few pounds too! While we offer the advice to cut back, we know how hard it is when there’s often too much temptation around us to indulge in a quick energy fix of a biscuit or treat, so we’ve put together some simple tips to follow to help cut back on how much sugar you possibly unknowingly consume on a daily basis! Sweeteners and all the other fancy names for it – is st

Your Guidelines For A Non-Surgical Consultation

Any form of consultation can be difficult, but when it comes to non-surgical ones, you want to make sure you’ve got everything you need before you start a procedure, and that the major factors like medical conditions, side effects and any other allergy information is covered. Research: Find out as much as you can about the clinic you’re going to be using, the options they have for your chosen treatment type and who will be performing the treatment for you. If they have a ‘team’ page – be sure to look into this and get to know the staff beforehand. Low prices and deals may sometimes be great and cost effective, but it may not always bring the results you really expected and may end up causing

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