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How Often Should I Visit The Dentist?

A dental check-up allows your dentist to check for any current or potential dental problems and helps to keep your mouth healthy. Leaving potential problems untreated can make them more difficult to treat in future so it helps to eliminate the risk from earlier stages! During your check-up, your dentist should examine your teeth, gums and mouth and ask about your general health and any problems you may have encountered since your last appointment. They should ask and give you advice on your diet, smoking and alcohol (if relevant) and teeth-cleaning habits as well as discuss a next check-up date based on results of your appointment. The time to your next check-up could be as short as 3 months

Welcome To Our New Website

After having a great amount of success with our refurbishment of the clinic and more, we thought it was time our reflected took a bit of TLC too – so, without further ado, welcome to our brand new website! Each service page has been updated to provide you with the most clear and accessible information for our full range of treatments as well as making our site navigation simpler and easier to use for you. This enables us to make sure you can find the information you need, at the time you need it with no page stalling or lengthy loading times! Our team page profiles have been updated and remastered so you can now find out more about our doctors and dentists in the click of a button or two as

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